Study in Turkey

Applications to Turkish public and private universities have started for the current year 2021

Oran Turkey Student Services Foundation

An official agent for many private and distinguished Turkish universities, where we provide services to hundreds of students annually


Distinguished services provided by Oran Turkey

Initial acceptance

One of our advisors contacts you and consults about the major you want to study and the most appropriate university for you, then we extract the initial academic acceptance for you within a period not exceeding 7 days.

Final university admission

After settling on a specific university, extracting the initial acceptance, paying the tuition fees and reviewing the receipts, we extract the final acceptance from the international student office within a period not exceeding 4 days.

Turkey study visa

After paying the tuition fees and obtaining the final university acceptance, we assist the student in preparing a file for obtaining a Turkish visa, and introducing him to the papers necessary to obtain a Turkish visa from the Turkish embassy in the country in which he resides.

Preparatory Year

In order for the student to study medical specialties in Turkish public universities, he must pass the YOS or SAT test. We help the student to register in preparatory courses to pass the preparation and qualification stage, to enter the university he desires.

student housing

There are many options for housing in Turkey, including luxury, medium and economic, and the monthly rent ranges between 400 and 2000 Turkish liras, depending on the level of housing, its area and the size of the rooms.
– We at Oran Foundation Turkey help the student to find the most suitable housing so as to guarantee him stability and focus on his studies.