Admission to Turkey Universities 2023 – How and Possible Opportunities

Admission to universities in Turkey and the study started in them for the academic year 2023 is now very easy, and we will explain in the following lines how to obtain academic admission in Turkey’s public universities and private Turkish universities.

admission to Turkey’s public universities 2023

For admission to Turkish public universities, there are several conditions that vary according to the specialization that the student wishes to study. For example, non-medical disciplines, we can say that it is easy to obtain admission to them only with a high school certificate and without the need for any other certificates such as yos, SAT or IELTS.

We can say that the percentage of academic acceptance to state universities in Turkey to study in non-medical fields is a bit high.

But if the student wants to study medicine, there are several conditions for admission to important Turkish public universities, we separate them as follows:

Conditions for admission to Turkish universities to study medicine in public universities:

  • The presence of a certificate of passing the IOS or SAT test with a high degree.
    Obtaining a high degree in high school.
  • If these two certificates are available, the admission rates to Turkish public universities to study medicine will be relatively high.

But in the event that the YOS or SAT certificate or some other accredited international certificates are not available, we can say that the acceptance rate will not exceed 50%, unfortunately.

Documents required to apply to Turkish public universities

  1. A high school diploma or transcript, translated and notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. A copy of the passport, valid for at least 6 months.
  3. A personal photo with a white background.
  4. IOS or SAT certificate, if available.
  5. Language and international certificates, if available.

Bearing in mind that public universities have a system of preferences and the opening and closing dates for applications differ from one university to another.

Admission to private universities in Turkey

Obtaining academic admission to private universities in Turkey We can say that without complicated or difficult conditions, whatever your high school average, you can obtain an academic admission to a university to study the specialization you desire.

Of course, some universities have conditions for admission, such as Koç University, which is considered one of the best and most powerful universities in Turkey, or the Middle East Technical University.

The difference between obtaining an academic admission to a private university and a public university in Turkey
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The difference between public and private universities in Turkey is in the aspect of fees, where in Turkish public universities fees start from only 150 dollars annually, but in private universities the fees start from 1900 dollars a year.

Also, admission to private universities. We at Oran Turkey Foundation for Educational Services in Turkey guarantee it 100% within a short period of time not exceeding 10 days, but Turkish public universities are not 100% certain of admission.

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Admission to Turkey Universities 2023 - How and Possible Opportunities 2

What are the admission requirements for Turkish universities?

Admission requirements in Turkish universities differ from one specialty to another, for example, to study medicine in public universities, it requires the presence of IOS or SAT, while private universities do not.