Study medicine in Turkey in English and Turkish in private and public universities

Details about studying human medicine in Turkish universities

In recent years, Turkey has witnessed a great boom in medical specialties. With the provision of the latest medical devices in Turkish public and private universities continuously to keep pace with technological development in the world, competition has become high among students wishing to study medical specialties in Turkish universities, whether foreign or Turkish students.

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Medical faculties in Turkey are among the highest faculties in terms of the criteria on which students are selected, especially students applying for Turkish scholarships or public universities where files are carefully reviewed, so you need a consultant person who has experience in choosing the most suitable universities for you and filling out your application form to increase Chances of being accepted into the Turkish Scholarship Program or public universities.

Costs of studying medicine in Turkey private universities

The fees differ from one university to another, and in general, the fees for studying medicine start annually from 10 thousand dollars if the language of study is in Turkish.

The costs of studying medicine in English start from 14 thousand dollars annually, and below is an illustrative table of the expenses of studying medicine annually in Turkish private universities.

It is worth noting that medical colleges in Turkey occupies a great global position, and is ranked twelfth in the medical ranking of universities in the world, so the Turkish government is particularly interested in teaching medicine in Turkish public and private universities to improve the educational level and maintain quality as a basis in the educational process. The Turkish Ministry of Higher Education is also monitoring the educational process to keep pace with the latest developments and recent discoveries in the medical field, and for Turkish universities to have an active role in international medical research.

The costs of studying medicine in Turkey in English in private universities

University NameNumber of years of studyAnnual costsStudy language
Maltepe University614000$English
Bahcesehir University625000$English
Altinbach University620000$English
Istanbul Medipol University620000$English
Istanbul Okan University620500$English
University Istinye619000$English
Biruni University618000$English
Istanbul Aydin University617500$English
Izmir Economic University615000$English
Atlam University615000$English
Yeditepe University627500$English

Advantages of studying medicine in Turkey

  • Turkish universities are ranked twelfth in the world in the teaching of medical specialties.
  • The Turkish government pays a lot of attention to developing universities that study medicine and providing them with the latest equipment
  • Studying medicine in Turkish universities is less expensive compared to studying in European countries or America.
Study medicine in private universities in Turkey

With regard to studying medical specialties in Turkey in private universities in English or even in Turkish, private universities do not require high academic rates, and do not require any ability test such as YOS or SAT.

You can contact us, and you can obtain university admission to private universities for free in addition to special and exclusive discounts from Oran Turkey for students who register through us in Turkish private universities for which we are accredited agents.
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Documents required to apply:
  • High school diploma or transcripts translated into English or Turkish.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A personal photo with a white background.

Conditions for studying medicine in Turkish public universities

  • Pass the YOS test or the SAT test with a high score of more than 1400.
  • Also, you must have obtained a high school average of more than 90%.
    The number of years of studying medicine in Turkish universities is 6 years, and students start practical training in Turkish hospitals from the fourth university year.

Conditions for studying dentistry in Turkey at public universities

The same conditions also. If you want to study dentistry in Turkey, you must pass the SAT or IOS test and get a high average in high school.
The number of years of studying dentistry in Turkey is 5 years, and dental students in Turkey begin practical exercises in the fourth university year, and students must skip the numbers of examinations and examinations on patients prescribed by the university as a prerequisite for success.

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Study medicine in Turkey in English and Turkish in private and public universities 2

How much does it cost to study medicine in Turkey in English?

The fees for studying medicine in Turkish private universities start from 14 thousand dollars annually, and the cost decreases to 10 thousand dollars only if the study is in the Turkish language.

The cost of studying dentistry in Turkey?

The costs of studying dentistry in Turkey start from 11 thousand dollars annually at Istanbul Gelisim University, for example.