İstanbul Esenyurt Üniversitesi ; Details and information

İstanbul Esenyurt University is one of the most leading universities in Turkey as it contains 4 faculties; the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts. and two graduate schools.

Istanbul Esenyurt University
İstanbul Esenyurt Üniversitesi ; Details and information 2

Esenyurt University

Esenyurt University was established in 2013 and during that short period it became one of the fastest growing private universities in Turkey and seeks to provide a modern education that opens the doors of future and jobs for its students through its academic staff of more than 300 members.

Istanbul Esenyurt University is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the Esenyurt area, which is famous for the concentration of Arabs and different nationalities in it.

What are the advantages of studying at Esenyurt University?

  1. The tuition fees at Esenyurt University are not that high compared to other universities.
  2. Students can benefit from a discount of up to 50% of the tuition fees of Esenyurt University when registering through us “ Oran Turkey Foundation for Student Services ”
  3. Istanbul Esenyurt University provides its students with studying in English in addition to Turkish.
  4. The university provides its students with many activities and student gatherings on campus, for example: Youth Entrepreneurship Club – Ibn Sina Health Club – Scientific Research Club.
  5. The university allows its students to complete their studies abroad through various student exchange programs such as the Erasmus Program.
  6. The university provides its students with a mandatory summer internship in a company, which gives them the opportunity to experience practical life and build experiences alongside their theoretical studies.
  7. The university includes international students from more than 30 countries around the world.. It participates in the Turkish government’s plan to receive 350,000 international students by the year 2023.. Therefore, Esenyurt University strives and competes with other universities in order to attract the largest possible number of foreign students.
  8. The university has an academic staff with extensive experience, who have worked for years in both the public and private academic sectors.

Tuition fees at Esenyurt University

Esenyurt University is distinguished by its low tuition fees, as the annual tuition fees start at $2000 for different majors. Below is a table of the prices for each major, the language of study, and the number of years.

Esenyurt University Specializations and Fees

Academic specializationStudy languageThe number of yearsAnnual expenses after discount
Business ManagementEnglish42800$
natural therapyTurkish42000$
computer engineeringTurkish42000$
civil engineeringTurkish42000$
Majoring in political science and international relationsTurkish42000$
Nutrition and food scienceEnglish42000$
international tradeTurkish42000$
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish42800$
Business ManagementTurkish42000$

Esenyurt University Ranking

Esenyurt University is ranked 150th at the level of Turkey’s universities , and 8940th at the level of international universities. Esenyurt University is also accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and the YÖS or SAT exam is not required for admission. 

Documents required for applying to Istanbul Esenyurt University

As is the case with other Turkish universities, the papers required to apply to Istanbul Esenyurt University are:

  • High school diploma or transcript of transcripts notarized and translated into English.
  • A personal photo with a white or blue background.
  • A copy of a valid passport.

To apply and obtain free university admission at Esenyurt University, you can contact us via WhatsApp after clicking on the following number: 00905537906039

What are the specializations of Esenyurt University?

Esenyurt University teaches many disciplines but focuses its efforts on the College of Business Administration, College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences, and College of Social Sciences and Arts. 
and two graduate schools.

What is the global ranking of Istanbul Esenyurt University?

Istanbul Esenyurt University is ranked 8940 at the level of international universities, as well as Esenyurt University is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.

How much is Esenyurt University fees?

Tuition fees at Esenyurt University start from $2000 for most majors.