Electronic visa for Egypt and the countries allowed to enter it

Electronic visa for Egypt and the details of obtaining it

Citizens of 76 countries around the year can enter Egypt with a visa or e-Visa. These countries include many Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

Also, citizens of the United Arab Emirates can enter Egypt with a visa or an electronic visa, which is obtained through the official website dedicated to this.

If you are a citizen of one of the European Union countries, you are also entitled to enter Egypt with an electronic visa, and citizens of America and the United Kingdom as well.

What countries are allowed to enter Egypt without a visa?

Saudi ArabiaKuwaitDiameterthe two seas
Sultanate of OmanGermanySwedenAzerbaijan
MonacoSouth KoreaHollandCanada
VenezuelaUnited StateFranceBelgium.

Entry visa price to Egypt

There are two types of entry visa to Egypt, one of which allows the holder to enter for one time, and its price is 25 dollars.

And the other one allows its holder to enter multiple times in Egypt, and its price is 60 US dollars.

Documents required to obtain a visa / e-Visa for Egypt

A passport valid for at least 6 months.

A hard copy of the e-Visa.


A letter of support from your employer or a visit letter from the entity or person you wish to visit.

Electronic visa to Egypt

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The official website link for obtaining an Egypt e-Visa is: https://www.visa2egypt.gov.eg/eVisa/ar

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How much is the price of the electronic Egypt visa?

The price of the Egypt e-Visa, which allows for a single entry, is $25, and the Egypt visa for multiple entry is $60.

What Arab countries are allowed to enter Egypt without a visa?

State of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Oman.