altin basha university istanbul fees AND ranking

Altinbas University has several campuses, the main of which is located in the Bagcilar district of European Istanbul.

It was established in 2008 and is considered one of the most attractive universities for foreign students, due to the support of the English language in most of its disciplines and its recognition in many European and Arab countries, including the State of Iraq .

Altinbas University teaches many disciplines such as human medicine, engineering, administrative and social sciences in English.

The university is also a pioneer in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe in the field of jewelry design. It has a world-wide reputation in this aspect specifically and has training laboratories for students in this specialty.

The university has 25 undergraduate programs, 6 master’s majors, 2 doctoral degrees, and 4 combined majors.

Altin Bash University supports many student clubs and sports activities and holds annual competitions for its students in all fields every year.

Departments of Altinbash University

University majors and annual fees

Specializationyears of studylanguagefees
Human Medicine6EN20,000$
the pharmacy5EN$10,000
civil engineering4EN4000$
the industrial engineering4EN4000$
Business Management4EN4000$
Software Engineering4EN4000$
computer engineering4EN4000$
Electrical and electronic engineering4EN4000$
mechatronics engineering4EN4000$
mechanical engineering4EN4000$

Master’s degree from Altinbas University 

Business Management TR / ENwith thesis
Distance MBAENwith thesis
Strategic Marketing and Brand ManagementTR / ENwith thesis
International Trade Law ENwith thesis
Public Law ENwith thesis
Political science and public relationsTR / ENwith thesis
art and designENwith thesis
HistoryENwith thesis
Electrical and computer engineeringENwith thesis
Architecture and civil engineeringENwith thesis
orthodontics ENwith thesis

Is Altenbash University recognized?

Yes, it is recognized in many European and Arab countries, including 
Iraq .

What is the ranking of Altenbash University globally and locally?

Altinbas University is one of the best universities in Turkey and is ranked 7086 globally.

Where is Altinbash University located?

The main headquarters of the university is located in Mahmud Bey Bagcilar, another in Gyirattepe and the third in Bakirkoy.

Altinbach University Adres

The university has 4 campuses, the main university campus is in Mahmud Bey Bagcilar district, another is in Gayrattepe district and the third is in Bakirkoy district.

The university is also located in a lively fully serviced area, where the famous Mall of Istanbul, Outlet 212 and many other shopping centers are located near the university.

Altinbas University, Istanbul, Turkey
Altinbach University

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