atilim university tuition fees for international students

Atilim University was established in 1997 by the Atilim Educational Foundation in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Atlim University is one of the best universities in Turkey, where the university has an advanced arrangement in teaching engineering and medical disciplines and is highly accredited, especially in the Gulf countries, the UAE and Qatar.

Atilim University fees 2022

Human MedicineEN16000$6
computer engineeringEN$98004
electrical and electronicsEN$98004
Chemical and Applied ChemistryEN$98004
energy systemsEN$98004
Maintenance of engines and airframesEN$98004
natural therapyEN9800$4
atilim university tuition fees

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Student housing in Ankara

Near the university and 20 minutes away from it there is a student housing for students studying at Atilim University only.

This student residence has rooms in several styles:

Single, double, triple and quad rooms, and the residence provides free transportation from the residence and to the university on a daily basis.

The housing also includes breakfast and dinner as part of the annual housing expenses.

Atilim University residence

Single rooms54 thousand Turkish liras
matrimonial rooms50 thousand Turkish lira
Quadruple rooms46 thousand Turkish lira

Housing expenses for the year 2022

To register in the student housing of Atilim University, you can also contact us via the communication icon at the bottom of the screen.

Atilim University Fees
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Details and information about Atilim University

The Atilim University campus is characterized by its centrality and vitality, and it contains all the basics and well-being needed for students. It is built on a green area that extends to more than two hundred and fifty thousand square meters.

Atilim University Ranking

Globally: Atilim University is one of the oldest Turkish universities, as it has achieved advanced positions at the global level, and was ranked 3317 for the year 2021, among the best four thousand international universities.

And locally: Atilim University is one of the advanced universities in Turkey, and is considered among the best universities at the local level, and it ranked 60th at the level of the Republic.

Advantages of studying at Atilim University

The university includes many specializations in colleges, institutes and graduate programs, in addition to schools of language and aviation sciences.

The university also includes some of the buildings that include laboratories and conference rooms, in addition to basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and a swimming pool besides the gym.

The university provides its students with opportunities to participate in the Erasmus international student exchange process in many European countries such as Germany and Italy.

atılım university medicine fees?

Medical fees at Atilim University 16 thousand dollars annually.

atilim university fees?

Atilim University fees are $9800 for all disciplines except for human medicine

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