Atilim university tuition fees for international students

Atilim University was established in 1997 by the Atilim Educational Found

Atilim University located in the Turkish capital, Ankara

Atlim University is one of the most pioneer universities in Turkey, that it has an advanced arrangement in teaching engineering and medical disciplines and is highly accredited, especially in the Gulf countries, the UAE and Qatar.

atilim university tuition fees 2023

Computer engineeringEN2250$4
Electric and electronicsEN2250$4
Chemical and Applied ChemistryEN2250$4
Energy systemsEN2250$4
Maintenance of engines and airframesEN2250$4
Physical therapyEN2250$4
atilim university tuition fees

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Civil Aviation study at Atilim University

Flight School of Atilim University aims to be world-leading and accredited civil aviation school. The university make it clear that its mission is to educate students the different fields of civil aviation maintenance and management and pilot training.

With strong theoretical knowledge and equipped with the practical skills necessary for their career and always be updated of the technology of civil aviation .

Pilot Training (Civil Aviation)

The Department of Pilot Training of the Faculty of Civil Aviation of Atilim University is a program that was opened in 2016, in which pilots are trained in a way that gives them extraordinary qualities in an educational and training environment equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and in English, as the language of global aviation.

If you would like to study civil aviation in Turkey at Atilim University we would like to welcome you to our Bachelor’s Degree Program in Pilot Training if you are interested in becoming a pilot with a certificate that is valid worldwide.

Studying civil aviation at Atilim University also prepares you to speak an advanced level of English, prioritizing aviation safety and security, and aviation culture.

Studying aviation at Atilim University in Turkey qualifies you to undertake domestic and international flights while adhering to all rules, adopting an analytical thinking process, capable of undertaking leadership and teamwork duties, a high level of awareness and ability to do the right thing and the right decision at the right time.

Airframe and engine maintenance

The Department of Airframe and Engine Maintenance at Atlim University has been providing civil aviation education in English since 2012. In an effort to provide the best level of education, Atlim University has proven its advantage as a role model in civil aviation education last year by awarding it the SHY 147 certificate with the status of “Accredited Training Institute” on aircraft maintenance” by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The term SHY 147 stands  for certification of accredited training institutions in aircraft maintenance. Awarded to institutions in which training programs have undergone evaluation, and the quality of education provided has been approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Atilim University has a civil aviation training runway at Esenboga Airport (Ankara Airport), two Cessna-337 twin-piston engines, both fully operational, as well as a Beechcraft C90 Kingait plaine with twin Turboprop engines.

In terms of practical training, Atilim University is an institution that provides practical technical training in the field of civil aviation with a constant striving to take advantage of the latest technical and technological capabilities available.

Atılım University Graduate School of Airframe and Engine Maintenance Department is a fully equipped civil aviation school to complement its theoretical education through practical training using aircraft of different types. Even before they graduate, most of our students are employed in the most prestigious institutions in Turkey in such a rapidly developing sector. We look forward to welcoming you to this modern and contemporary institution for your civil aviation education.

Civil Aviation Administration

The Department of Aviation Management was opened in 2011 under the Graduate School of Civil Aviation at Atlim University. The department’s curriculum includes management and aviation, and education is offered in English as the global aviation language.

The aviation sector is a sector with the potential to grow globally at around five percent each year, and nationally at ten percent or more, well above global averages. The Aviation Management Division trains personnel equipped to work in the field of aviation in general organizations, airlines, ground operations organizations, terminal services and general aviation organizations.

The university offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester under the Erasmus Student Exchange Agreement and the opportunity to get acquainted with the sector through summer training programs organized twice throughout their studies. In addition, some aviation courses are offered at related institutions (eg terminal operations).

avionics engineering

The Avionics Department of Atilim University aims to train qualified technicians in electro-electronics as required for maintenance, repair and overhaul operations in the Turkish and international civil aviation sector.

The department trains students on how to perform maintenance and repairs on electrical and electronic equipment of aircraft using contemporary methods and techniques that are consistent with the stipulated rules.

The department is SHY147 certified. Therefore, the education curriculum meets that of technician training provided by the European Aviation Safety Agency, as well as basic electrical and electronics subjects. Education is provided in English as the language of aviation.

The University has an Avionics Laboratory, Aircraft Communications and Navigation Laboratory, Aircraft Electrical Systems Laboratory and Cockpit Instrumentation Laboratory on our University’s Incek Campus. The department also provides in-house training with actual aircraft in the training hangar at Esenboga Airport.

Atilim University majors and faculties

  • College of Engineering.
  • College of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture.
  • School of foreign languages.
  • College of Health Sciences.
  • Faculty of medicine.
  • College of Arts and Sciences.
  • College of Business Administration.
  • Civil Aviation School.
  • School of Law.
  • professional school.
  • Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.
  • Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Engineering at Atilim University

  • civil engineering.
  • Manufacturing engineering and aerospace engineering.
  • energy systems.
  • Physical engineering.
  • Information Systems Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • car engineering.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Mechatronics Engineering.
  • Minerals and Resources Engineering.

Atilim University ranking globally

Atilim University is ranked 2306 as it is among the top three thousand universities in the world. Locally, it is ranked 57th and 818th at the level of the European Union.

Student housing in Ankara

Near the university and 20 minutes away from it there is a student housing for students studying at Atilim University only.

This student residence has rooms in several styles:

Single, double, triple and quad rooms, and the residence provides free transportation from the residence and to the university on a daily basis.

The housing also includes breakfast and dinner as part of the annual housing expenses.

Atilim University residence

Single rooms54 thousand Turkish liras
matrimonial rooms50 thousand Turkish lira
Quadruple rooms46 thousand Turkish lira

Housing expenses for the year 2022

To register in the student housing of Atilim University, you can also contact us via the communication icon at the bottom of the screen.

Atilim University Fees
Atilim university tuition fees for international students 2

Details and information about Atilim University

The Atilim University campus is characterized by its centrality and vitality, and it contains all the basics and well-being needed for students. It is built on a green area that extends to more than two hundred and fifty thousand square meters.

Atilim University Ranking

Globally: Atilim University is one of the oldest Turkish universities, as it has achieved advanced positions at the global level, and was ranked 3317 for the year 2021, among the best four thousand international universities.

And locally: Atilim University is one of the advanced universities in Turkey, and is considered among the best universities at the local level, and it ranked 60th at the level of the Republic.

Advantages of studying at Atilim University

The university includes many specializations in colleges, institutes and graduate programs, in addition to schools of language and aviation sciences.

The university also includes some of the buildings that include laboratories and conference rooms, in addition to basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and a swimming pool besides the gym.

The university provides its students with opportunities to participate in the Erasmus international student exchange process in many European countries such as Germany and Italy.

atılım university medicine fees?

Medical fees at Atilim University 16 thousand dollars annually.

atilim university fees?

Atilim University fees are $9800 for all disciplines except for human medicine

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