Esenyurt area in Istanbul, living in it

Information about the Esenyurt district in Istanbul, living and living there

When talking about one of the most famous European regions of Istanbul, the context of the conversation leads us to the famous Esenyurt area, so what are the most important advantages of investing in and residing in Esenyurt? Where is Esenyurt located in Istanbul?

What are the most important markets and gardens? And what do you know about the restless Esenyurt Square? What are the problems of the Esenyurt region? For information about Esenyurt University, we will answer these questions in the following lines:

Advantages of living in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul

During the last ten years, the Esenyurt area has turned into one of the most vibrant areas, due to the many advantages that pushed investors and many segments of society to it, with the aim of residing or investing in it.

Esenyurt district in Istanbul
Is Esenyurt a city?

Among the most important advantages of residence and housing in Esenyurt:

  1. Its acceptable and good location in terms of proximity to the city center.
  2. Its real estate prices are competitive and low compared to the prices of apartments in other regions.
  3. Real estate rent is relatively low.
  4. The municipality’s services are good, and its service facilities are abundant.
  5. It is close to Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir and Bahcesehir.
  6. The vital road network and highways it serves.
  7. Esenyurt is also known for its popular cheap markets, in parallel with the presence of many
    important shopping malls.

Esenyurt Square in Istanbul

Esenyurt Square is a very spacious square that is lively 24 hours a day, and it is the most famous landmark of Esenyurt area.

On the sides of the square, Arab and Syrian restaurants and shops are spread, where you can feel that you have returned to an Arab country, as it is very similar to the old alleys and streets of Damascus and Baghdad.

The municipality of Esenyurt pays great attention to the area, where you will permanently find a security presence and municipality personnel to control security and regulate life and traffic.

There are also many medical clinics, hospitals, education centers and courses in the Meydan Esenort area.

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Esenyurt city metro
Esenyurt metro

Esenyurt Istanbul Metro

On August 30, 2021, the Mayor of Greater Istanbul laid the foundation stone for the “Esenyurt – Bahcesehir – Mahmud Bey” metro line project.

وسيتضمن خط مترو إسنيورت الجديد 11 محطة هي “Mahmutbey – Mehmet Akif – Halkalı Mass Housing – Temapark – Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital – Tahtakale – Ispartakule – Bahçeşehir – Esenkent – ​​Ardıçlı – Esenyurt Meydan”

According to Akram in front of Davutoglu that Asenyort Metro project will reduce the duration of access between Osenyort and Mahmoud Bay area to 28 minutes, between Osenyort and Mgideh Koi to 60 minutes, and between Osenyort and Kabattac to 67 minutes, and is expected to convey Asenyort Metro about 1.5 million passengers a day.

He added that the project needs additional funding of up to 305 million euros, indicating that his municipality will seek to complete it in the fastest and cheapest way.

Where is Esenyurt located?

Esenyurt is located in the European part of Istanbul, bordered to the south by the E5 highway, and behind it the Avcilar district and Beylikduzu district, and from its eastern side it overlooks Kucukcekmece Lake, which is the gateway to the new Istanbul Canal project, and from the west on Buyukcekmece Lake.Esenyurt is about 45 kilometers from Istanbul’s new airport, and about 3 kilometers from the shore of the Marmara Sea, and it has an important location and surroundings,And a good transportation network.

How far is Esenyurt from Taksim?

Esenyurt has a good and lively location, due to the passage of two very important highways through it, the E80 and E5 highways, which constitute a lifeline for the entire city, and through them Esenyurt can be accessed from all other vital areas of the
city.Esenyurt is about 31 km away from Taksim. The Taksim area can be reached by car in about 30 minutes at off-peak times, and about an hour and 20 minutes using public transportation, or using the metrobus, one of the most important and fastest means of transportation in Istanbul.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Esenyurt, Istanbul

Among the most important features of buying an apartment in Esenyurt:

  • The presence of many modern residential complexes in it.
  • Also good offers for apartments in buildings that are not in a complex.
  • The apartment prices are relatively acceptable.
  • Its proximity to Basaksehir, which is one of the most important and active real estate areas.
  • Its location is adjacent to the main E5 and E80 road in Istanbul, which provides a strong connection to the city center and other areas.

Transportation in the Esenyurt area:

Esenyurt is located between a modern network of highways and highways that connect Istanbul and other cities, including:

  • Highway E80
  • E5 motorway
  • Highway D100
  • TEM . way
  • Metrobus: Bus express line.
Esenyurt Istanbul, the advantages of living and residing in it

Metrobus line in Istanbul

The Metrobus passes through the E5 road, the main artery of Istanbul, within a special path, with modern, air-conditioned buses equipped with free internet, with seats suitable for different segments of society, including the elderly, and wheelchair access, which guarantees everyone the ease and speed of moving from Esenyurt to the city center. , without being affected by congestion during peak hours, especially. Real estate prices, and apartment prices in particular in the Esenyurt area, increased after the arrival of the Metrobus line, which reflected positively on the profits of real estate investors.

Esenyurt metro

Work is underway on the construction of the Istanbul Esenyurt metro line, and the metro will connect the area to several areas in the city center within a record time, which will have a significant impact on the value of real estate in it. Experts also expect prices to rise significantly in neighborhoods near metro stations, and this is expected to serve The line is more than 70 thousand people per day.

Public services and facilities in Esenyurt

A number of public and private hospitals, as well as many clinics, medical care centers, clinics and beauty centers are distributed in the Esenyurt area.The region breathes its fresh air through more than 10 huge parks, including: Al-Shuhada Park, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, Necmettin Erbakan Park, and Esenyurt also includes about 60 children’s parks, in addition to more than 150 schools, among government, private and international multilingual schools. The area includes Esenyurt University .Among its neighborhoods, you will find more than 20 huge shopping centers, and among the largest malls in the Esenyurt area: Marmara Park Mall, Torium Mall, City Center Outlet Mall, and Akbati Esenyurt Mall.

Esenyurt area problems

The problems of the Esenyurt area in Istanbul, a sentence that worries everyone who wants to buy an apartment or house in the Esenyurt area of ​​Istanbul, but let’s rest assured that Esenyurt has now turned from an old popular area to a lively area that contains dozens of modern residential complexes and large government development projects. The Turkish government and the country of Esenyurt have made a great effort during the past ten years to develop the Esenyurt area, so that some neighborhoods in Esenyurt are now comparable to many of Istanbul’s luxury neighborhoods. Also, many Turkish and Arab investors went to invest in the Esenyurt area. All this led to its development and the opening of many large commercial centers such as Marmara Park Mall and In City Mall, and the opening of many Turkish and Arab restaurants and shops. All of this led to the fact that the problems of the Esenyurt area became erased from our memory after it became a preferred area for Arabs to live due to its advantages that we mentioned at the top of the article.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt

Oran Turkey offers many real estate offers inside and outside residential complexes “apartments – shops – villas” we show you their details in the following lines.

Apartments for sale Esenyurt Istanbul In a full-service residential complex, a 3+1 apartment of 155 square meters with a distinct view, on the eleventh floor. The residential complex has a good level of finishing and contains all services from shops, gyms, swimming pools, children’s play areas and green spaces.
The price of the apartment is 475 thousand Turkish liras, and of course the residential complex is ready for housing and the title deed “  Tabu  ” is ready for immediate delivery.

Apartments for sale Esenyurt Istanbul

Close to Oskaley Mall and only two minutes away from Esenyurt Square, the apartment is 3 + 1 on the ground floor, with the entrance to the building, with an area of ​​160 square metres. The price of the apartment is 365 thousand Turkish liras, the title deed is the title deed, and the apartment is ready for immediate delivery

What are the problems of the Esenyurt region?

Esenyurt is now transformed from an old popular area to a lively area that contains dozens of modern residential complexes and large government development projects.

When is the opening date of Esenyurt metro?

The mayor of Istanbul laid the foundation stone to start construction on August 2021, and the Esenyurt metro is expected to open within 3 years.

How far is Esenyurt Istanbul, how far is it from Taksim?

Esenyurt is about 1 hour and a quarter away from Taksim by public transportation and about 40 minutes by private car.

How far is Esenyurt from Istanbul Airport?

Esenyurt is a very large area, but in general we can say that it is an average of 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport by public bus.

Information about the Esenyurt district in Istanbul