Uskudar University in Istanbul, its majors and tuition fees

Uskudar University in Istanbul is one of the best private universities in Turkey and its local and international rankings and rankings are rising rapidly.

studies all academic disciplines and is distinguished by its annual fees that are not exaggerated compared to many other universities.

The university is located in a very privileged location in the Asian side of Istanbul and is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Authority and also accredited by the European Union and is part of the student and cultural exchange program with European universities, Erasmus.Contact us and get your university admission

Uskudar University Courses and Fees

SpecializationStudy languageNumber of years of studyannual expenses
Human MedicineTurkish611 thousand dollars in cash.
bioengineeringEnglish43000 $
Chemical EngineeringEnglish43000 $
the industrial engineeringEnglish43000 $
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish43000 $
Molecular biology and geneticsEnglish43000 $
Software EngineeringEnglish43000 $
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish43000 $
psychologyEnglish43.000 $
Preparatory year for language study4 levelsTurkish language1000 $
Preparatory year for language studyEnglishEnglish language3000 $

Uskudar university ranking globally and locally

Uskudar University ranks 106 locally and 6300 globally according to the webometrics website for university assessment.

The University of Uskudar is distinguished by the specialization of forensic science, and there is no other university in Istanbul with the same specialization, and it is also the first university to start teaching the neuromarketing program, and the university also holds a patent for the treatment of schizophrenia.

Uskudar Turkish universities recognized in the European Union

University training and university specializations

  1. Medicine and health sciences.
  2.  Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3.  Engineering and the natural sciences.
  4. Telecommunications.
  5. In addition to professional and health institutes, master’s and doctoral specializations.
Is Uskudar University recognized and what is the ranking of Uskudar University

Is Uskudar University recognized?

Yes, it is recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities in Turkey, and is also recognized in many Arab countries, America and the European Union.

University majors fees

Non-medical specialties at Uskudar University are often 3 thousand dollars, and for medicine, the annual expenses are 11 thousand dollars if the study is in Turkish.

Where is located?

It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul in the famous Uskudar district near the Bosphorus Bay.Is Uskudar University recognized?

Yes, the University of Uskudar is recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council and is accredited in most of the European Union and Arab countries.What is the ranking and ranking of the strength of Uskudar University globally and locally?

ranks 106 locally and 6300 globally according to the webometrics website for university assessment.How much is the tuition fee for studying human medicine at the Turkish University of Uskudar?

In the case of studying in Turkish, the annual tuition fees are $11,000.

Where is Uskudar located?

Uskudar is one of the municipalities of Istanbul and is located on the Asian side of it, on the Bosphorus Strait and is one of the oldest and most prestigious areas in Istanbul.

In the Uskudar region, there are many vital and important landmarks, such as the University of Uskudar, the coast and the famous Girl’s Tower.

Nearby are the Kadikoy, Beykoz and Umraniye districts, and on the other side of the Bosphorus are the Besiktas, Eminonu, Beyoğlu and Taksim districts.

It is a very upscale area and one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, which the rich and famous class prefer to live in.

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General information about Uskudar University

was founded in 2011 and has quickly become one of the best universities in Turkey and among the top 100 universities.

The university has a distinguished location and campus in the Uskudar neighborhood overlooking the Bosphorus and is equipped with the latest educational facilities.

The University of Uskudar also includes within it five institutes, five faculties, five vocational schools and a language school.

It is worth noting that the number of laboratories reaches more than 50 different laboratories spread over an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters.

It is also distinguished by its unique and diverse laboratories based on the latest technology in education.

The university owns a well-known hospital in Turkey for brain treatment in addition to a psychiatric hospital, which gives its students the opportunity for practical training while studying.

Uskudar University, is it recognised, and the arrangement and fees for majors?

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