Study pharmacy in Turkey 2024 in English costs and acceptance rates

The study of pharmacy in Turkey is one of the most preferred departments for many foreign students, and there are many universities in Turkey that study pharmacy in English and Turkish and the number of years of studying pharmacy in Turkey is 5 years.

Fees for studying pharmacy in Turkey 2024

Private universities that teach pharmacy in TurkeyStudy languageannual expenses
Istanbul Medipol UniversityEN7300$
Yedetappe UniversityEN18,000$
Luqman Hakim UniversityEN11,000$
Istinye UniversityEN11,000$
istanbul university yeni yuzileEN9500$
Biruni UniversityEN12000$
Yeni Yuzel UniversityTR7000$
Istanbul Okan UniversityEN12000$

Pharmacy acceptance rate in Turkey 2024

Your high school average must be at least 70% higher. This is of course if you are going to study in private Turkish universities.

Study pharmacy in Turkey
Study pharmacy in Turkey 2024 in English costs and acceptance rates 2

But if you want to study at a Turkish public university, your GPA must be significantly high and not less than 90%. You must also obtain a certificate of passing the IOS or SAT test.

Pharmacy is a science that studies both the stages of drug production and distribution and how they affect people’s bodies, and pharmacy professionals work to contribute to the development of drugs, or even the creation of new drugs.

There are many reasons to study pharmacy in Turkey, and it makes no difference if you were in high school and studied in a science major, science or science, sports. Turkish universities do not care about these divisions.

Pharmacy work in Turkey

Students who graduate from the College of Pharmacy can work in research and development centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and work as academics. You can also work in clinical pharmacy.

To learn more about job opportunities for pharmacists in Turkey, you can visit the website of the Pharmacists Syndicate in Turkey

Clinical pharmacy specialization in Turkey

Clinical Pharmacy is simply an intensive follow-up unit, and pharmacists keep a follow-up file of all their patients. This file contains the patient’s personal information, disease history, medications he used, and treatment applications he used before.

Clinical pharmacology mainly contributes to providing medical care to patients, helping them recover and preventing disease by making sure that the patient is given the correct dosage and medication.

Departments of pharmacy specialization in Turkey

The departments of studying pharmacy in Turkey consist of:

  1. pharmaceutical technology,
  2. Clinical Biochemistry
  3. basic information technology,
  4. analytical chemistry,
  5. organic chemistry,
  6. pharmaceutical legislation,
  7. Pharmacy and basic medical sciences,
  8. pharmaceutical raw materials,
  9. pharmaceutical chemistry,
  10. history and terminology of medicines,
  11. basic pharmaceutical sciences,

In addition to several field courses such as first aid, pharmacology, pharmaceutical ethics and pharmacy practice. Students who study pharmacy in Turkey can take many courses such as food safety and analysis.

Study pharmacy in Turkey for Iraqis

Iraqi students can study in Turkey in English or in Turkish like all students of other nationalities, it makes no difference.

What are the costs of studying pharmacy in Turkey?

Annual tuition fees start at $7000 annually.

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