Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey 2022

To obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey, the total value of your real estate property in Turkey must be at least 250 thousand dollars, and it makes no difference if it is one property of this value or several properties.

The procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport, starting from buying the right property for investment until receiving the Turkish passport, require  a period of 3 to 4 months, as our legal and advisory team will finish all the procedures starting from choosing the right property until receiving the Turkish passport in your hand.

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship 2022
Obtaining Turkish citizenship 2022

How to pay the value of the property in Turkey

Clarification of the new procedures issued by the Tapu Department in Turkey regarding foreign ownership of real estate and the method of payment in case the ownership is for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship..

The executive instructions for these amendments were issued in the first month of 2022 and stipulate that whoever wants to buy a property in Turkey must have the equivalent in dollars, euros or sterling.

As a prerequisite, this amount must be transferred to lira through the Central Bank of Turkey and then paid to the property owner or the construction company, and this matter is arranged through the intermediary bank in which your money is located.

After that, the bank gives you a paper or document that is submitted to the Tapu Department when the Tapu is extracted, and it must be mentioned in this paper or document that this purchase is in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

What are the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship after amending the law to obtain it ?

  • Buying real estate in Turkey with a budget of more than $250,000, and it is paid by transferring the amount from the buyer’s account to the property owner’s account through a Turkish bank.
  • That the buyer undertakes not to sell the property if he so desires, except after three years from the date of his purchase.
    Where the buyer signs a pledge with the Land Registry that he will not transfer the ownership of the real estate he bought to run for Turkish citizenship to any other people during the mentioned period “3 years”
  • That the property whose papers will be submitted for obtaining Turkish citizenship has not been used by another foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • If a foreign investor in Turkey of the same nationality sells his property to a Turkish investor, and then you, as a third investor, purchased this property, you will not be able to submit his papers in the application file for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

Therefore, we always advise to go to experts in this aspect of real estate investment in Turkey in order to get a good property at an appropriate price and in compliance with the conditions of the Turkish citizenship law .

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

Can I apply for citizenship when buying a property in installments?

Yes, it is possible, but provided that you obtain a full waiver from the construction company from which you purchased the property, and this matter and its legal arrangements are made in the presence of a lawyer.

Ways to invest in Turkey and obtain citizenship

and no: obtaining it by buying real estate or land in Turkey, provided that its value exceeds 250 thousand dollars.

Second: A bank deposit in one of the Turkish official banks worth 500 thousand dollars for a period of 3 years, click for more details

Third: Opening a company in Turkey and hiring 50 Turkish employees.

The advantages and strength of the Turkish passport

  • The Turkish passport is one of the highest rated passports in the world, as it is ranked 20th in the world.
  • Its holder is allowed to enter fifty-five countries without obtaining a visa in advance.
  • Its holders can enter more than forty countries with an entry visa issued upon arrival.
  • You do not have to give up your original nationality, because dual citizenship is your legal right.
  • It grants its holder full citizenship rights through election and nomination.
  • A long-term passport that only needs to be renewed once every 10 years.
  • It grants its owner the right to benefit from free health and education services.
  • You can receive the passport within a relatively short period (generally not exceeding three months) in the case of owning real estate in Turkey according to the conditions of Turkish naturalization through real estate investment.

Countries that the Turkish passport can enter 2022

Those with Turkish citizenship are allowed to enter many countries, the most important of which are Qatar , for example, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Jordan, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Russia.

Withdrawing citizenship after obtaining it through real estate investment in Turkey

Turkey is a state of law and institutions, and Turkish citizenship has never been withdrawn from any real estate investor in Turkey.

However, Turkish citizenship may be withdrawn if it is proven that the documents submitted for obtaining Turkish citizenship have been forged, or in the event of treason against Turkey.

Turkish passport by investment

Frequently Asked Questions About Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The most important condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property is that the price of these properties is 250 thousand dollars or higher.What is the strength of the Turkish passport?

The Turkish passport is one of the highest rated passports in the world, as it is ranked 20th in the world and allows its holder to enter 72 countries without a visa.What is the condition for obtaining a Turkish passport through investment?

To obtain a Turkish passport through real estate investment, the most important condition is that you own real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars.Is it required to give up the original citizenship when obtaining Turkish citizenship?

This is not required, as Turkish law allows dual citizenship.

Real estate appraisal in Turkey for real estate to apply for Turkish citizenship

In order to prevent fraud and fraud, the Turkish government has updated the real estate ownership law in Turkey and it has become necessary to evaluate the property before buying it.

This assessment is carried out by reliable Turkish companies approved by the Turkish government. We finalize this procedure with one of the trusted evaluation companies and offices.

It should be mentioned that companies usually give the evaluation after about three days.

The company’s evaluation of the property or real estate you have purchased should be more than 250 thousand US dollars in order to apply for Turkish citizenship.

The validity period of the evaluation granted by the Turkish companies assigned by the Turkish government to evaluate the real estate is only three months.

As the person wishing to apply for citizenship must submit the evaluation document before the expiry of the three months, and if he did not apply within the mentioned period, a new evaluation should be obtained.

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