beykoz university tuition fees 2024

Beykoz University is one of the best and cheapest universities in terms of its annual expenses, and the university studies engineering and administrative disciplines.

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In the following lines, we talk about academic majors, tuition fees, and their global and local ranking.

Beykoz University Specializations, Fees and Language of Study:

SpecializationStudy languageExpenses
Business ManagementTurki1950$
computer engineeringEinglish2448$
Software EngineeringTurki1950$
the industrial engineeringTurki2448$
Industrial Product Design EngineeringEinglish2448$
Business AdministrationEinglish2448$
logistics managementEinglish2448$
International TradeEinglish2448$
digital game designTurki2448$
graphic designTurki1950$
Interior DesignTurki1950$
Radio, television and cinemaTurki1950$
Public Relations, Advertising and AdvertisingTurki1950$
culinary artTurki1950$
Political Science and International RelationsEinglish2448$
Aviation ManagementEinglish2448$
Beykoz University Tuition Fees

Beykoz University Tuition Fees 2022

With regard to tuition fees at Beykoz University for Arab students who have obtained university admission through us at Oran Turkey, we guarantee them exclusive discounts:

  • 1950 for all specialties in Turkish instead of 3000$
  • 2450 for all majors in English instead of 3600$
  • 1450 in higher institutes instead of $2250.

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Beykoz University Tuition Fees Master’s Degree

SpecializationExpensesthe language
Business Administration Without Thesis2150$
Online MBA2150$TR
Business Management2950$IN
International Trade and Logistics Thesis2150$TR
computer engineering2450$IN
Construction management thesis2450$TR
Work and organizational psychology2150$TR
Communication regulation and semiotics2150$TR
Computer engineering with thesis2950$IN
Beykoz University Tuition Fees Master’s Degree

Beykoz University is located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul , Turkey, and is one of the best private universities in Turkey in terms of low tuition fees compared to other private universities.

Beykoz University Ranking

Locally: Beykoz University is ranked 163 and internationally: it is ranked at level 9178 .

The university has 4 campuses in Beykoz, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Beykoz University has four faculties:

  • College of Business and Administrative Sciences
  • Arts and Design
  • social science
  • engineering and architecture
  • It also has a foreign language school, a civil aviation school , and two vocational schools, the Vocational School, the Beykoz Vocational Logistics School, and a postgraduate institute.

Beykoz University also has a huge library that includes thousands of books in various disciplines :

Istanbul Beykoz University Scholarship

A partial scholarship is available from Istanbul Beykoz University and an exclusive discount is available in the case of cash payment for all years of study, so that the expenses are only $6,500 for all years of study.

beykoz university tuition fees 2022

University goals

  • international scientific university
  • To conduct advanced research and solve various societal problems
  • It works on designing and implementing creative and innovative multidisciplinary applications
  • Teaching all students to rely on free thinking and not hesitate to express their ideas with high self-confidence and effective communication
  • Apply various elements of quality and excellence
  • Develop awareness of social responsibility among students and academics

Advantages of studying at Beykoz University:

  • It includes the most modern classrooms and laboratories.
  • Uses advanced teaching methods.
  • Organizing various scientific competitions and supporting students to conduct scientific research and disseminate its results on a large scale.
  • It trains qualified graduates who have the skills and experience required in the modern business world and society
  • It gives great importance to applied education, and trains students in different sectors to keep pace with the rapid development in the business world
  • A comprehensive library includes thousands of books and databases that contribute to the personal and intellectual development of students.
  • Supporting education and scientific research activities through thousands of publications in many technical, educational, legal, literary, health and technological fields
  • The university has many activities in terms of social, cultural and sports halls equipped with the latest equipment
  • The university has extensive relations with other international institutions and universities, and is also a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which gives students opportunities to study and practical training in many European universities.

Documents required for applying to Beykoz University:

  • Photograph
  • High school diploma or transcript.
  • passport
  • Certificate of proficiency in the language in which the study will be conducted, if it is English or Turkish (if any)

Information about the Beykoz region in which the university is located:

The area is located in the Asian part of Istanbul overlooking the Black Sea on the one hand, and the Bosphorus Strait on the other, with an area of ​​approximately 240 square kilometers, adjacent to the  famous  Umraniye, Uskudar, Şile  and Çekmeköy district , and is about  27 km away from Taksim.

The population of the area is about 23,922 people, the mayor of the town, AHMED KATIRCI

The area is characterized by the availability of many services:


There are some historical places in the area:

  1. Anatolian castle
  2. Khedive Palace
  3. Kujoksu Palace

Transportation in Beykoz Istanbul

The area is served by a variety of transportation, such as buses, dulims and metrobus, as a result of its location on the Bosphorus coastal road coming from the famous Uskudar area.

Therefore: If you want to go to the European section of Istanbul, you can take  the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, or the water ferries from Eminonu – and you can also try small boats from Yenikoy to reach Beykoz or from Bebek to reach some neighborhoods such as Kanlica and Anatolia Castle

Along the coast there are some of the most expensive homes in the city as many politicians and celebrities own homes there.

There are also some of the most beautiful and best huge Ottoman wooden buildings, which are houses built directly on the sea shore, in the area that touches the water, located along the coast from the Anatolian Castle to  Beykoz  itself.

As well as the allure of living close to the coast, there are also large areas of woodland and parks on the hills along the coast, making the Beykoz waterfront a quiet haven away from the city.

How much is Beykoz University fee?

Annual tuition fees at Beykoz University start at $1,900.

What are the specializations of Beykoz University?

Beykoz University has engineering, administrative, literary, economic and social majors.

What is the language of study at Beykoz University?

The university deliberately teaches the Turkish languages ​​and the other language is English.

Beykoz University fees and study subjects