Costs of studying medicine in Turkey 2023

There is a lot of research on the costs of studying medicine in Turkish universities for the current academic year, and we have explained in the following table the study fees and language, in addition to the number of years…

University NameCostslanguage
Medicine at Atilim University15,000$EN
Maltby University14000$EN
Medipol University23000$EN
Bahcesehir University$25,000EN
Altinbach University20,000$EN
Istanbul Medipol University23400$EN
Istanbul Okan University20500$EN
The University of Istinye19000$EN
Biruni University18,000$EN
Istanbul Aydan University17500$EN
Izmir Economic University15,000$EN
Yeditepe University27500$EN
Gulf University15,000$tr
Atlas University15,000$tr

Costs of studying medicine in Turkish public universities

Many students ask us about the costs of studying medicine in Turkey in public universities in dollars, but to make it clear that the normal tuition cost is not the most important question, but rather the most important thing is to be eligible for admission to a Turkish public university to study human medicine..

In the following table, we explain the fees, the language of study and the name of the university. You can also contact one of our advisors via the communication icon at the bottom of the screen to answer your inquiries

Costs of studying medicine in Turkey public universities
Study costs in Turkey medicine
University NameStudy languageCitystudy FEES
Istanbul UniversityEnglish _ TurkishIstanbul40,000
Istanbul Cerrahpaşa UniversityEnglish _ TurkishIstanbul25,000
Inonu UniversityEnglish _ TurkishMalatya25,000
Gaziantep UniversityEnglish _ TurkishGaziantep30,000
Mugla Sedqi UniversityEnglish
University of May 19English
Ataturk UniversityEnglish_TurkishErzurum28.000
Marmara UniversityEnglish_TurkishIstanbul29.550
Gazi UniversityEnglish_TurkishAnkara51.993
Ankara UniversityEnglish
Haji Tepe UniversityEnglish_TurkishAnkara50,688
Yildirim Beyazit UniversityEnglish_TurkishAnkara50,000
Dokuz University SeptemberTurkishIzmir54.500
Omar Khalis Demiral UniversityTurkishNigde40,000
Necmettin Erbakan UniversityTurkishKonya27,853
Sakarya UniversityTurkishscaria44,000
Gaziosmanpaşa UniversityTurkishtokat25,000
Celal Bayar UniversityTurkishManisa28.240
University of MersinTurkishMersin50,000
Mustafa Kemal UniversityTurkishHatay27,853
Hent UniversityTurkishchurrum20,000
Tigris UniversityTurkishDiar Baker30,000
Giresun UniversityTurkishGiresun28.000
Akdeniz UniversityTurkishAntalya55,000
Harran UniversityTurkishHarran27,854
Karabuk UniversityTurkishKarabuk30,000
Abant Izzat Besal UniversityTurkishpolo35,000
University of Health SciencesTurkishIstanbul41,780
Aegean UniversityTurkishIzmir37.138
Adnan Menderes UniversityTurkishآيدن28.240
Cukurova UniversityTurkishhug me27,853
University of BamakoleTurkishDenizli27,856
Erciyes UniversityTurkishKayseri60,000
Uludağ UniversityTurkishMarket27,853
University of Health SciencesTurkishAnkara41,780
Namek Kamal UniversityTurkishتيكرداغ27,853
Bulent Ecevit UniversityTurkishZonguldak27,853
Karadeniz Technical UniversityTurkishTrabzon35,000
Kocaeli UniversityTurkishKogali60,000
Usak UniversityTurkishabout27.850
Selcuk UniversityTurkishKonya37.138
Recep Tayyip Erdogan UniversityTurkishRisa30,000
Afyon University of Health SciencesTurkishopium37.138
Süleyman Demiral UniversityTurkishspartan37.138
Eskişehir Osman Gazi UniversityTurkishEski famous50,000
Urdu UniversityTurkishUrdu27,854
Adiman UniversityTurkishadiman36.000
Izmir Kateb Celebi UniversityTurkishIzmir51,000
Kastamonu UniversityTurkishCustoms27,854
Republics UniversityTurkishseize28.000
Balikesir University, TurkeyTurkishbroken27,853
chankala universityTurkishChancala27,853
Kahramanmaras UniversityTurkishkahraman marash30,000
University of Malatya Turgut OzalTurkishMalatya35,000
kirkala universityTurkishcare agency27,853
Bozok UniversityTurkishYozgat35,000
Alanya Alaaddin UniversityTurkishAntalya37.138
Istanbul Civic UniversityTurkishIstanbul37.138
Trakya UniversityTurkishEdirne27,853
Erzincan UniversityTurkisherzinjan40,000
Euphrates UniversityTurkishElazig26.850

Costs of studying medicine in Turkish universities

The medical field is of great importance, as the number of students wishing to study medicine is increasing due to its great importance and its role in treating people’s health and medical problems. Learn about the costs of studying medicine in Turkey.

Studying medicine in Turkey is a target for many students, especially Arabs, due to the progress in the global rankings of Turkish universities and the low cost compared to similar universities in America or European countries, so we will mention in this article the costs of studying medicine in Turkish universities:

The best Turkish universities in teaching medicine and the cost of studying there

Ataturk University: It is a Turkish public university in the city of Erzurum. The costs of studying medicine are about 28.000 Turkish liras per academic year. About 100,000 students and about 1500 faculty members study at the university.

Gazi University: It is a Turkish public university located in the capital, Ankara, founded by Kemal Ataturk. It is considered one of the most important universities at the global and local levels. The study costs are about 52,000 Turkish liras, and it is taught in both English and Turkish.

_ Mugla Sedki Kuçman University: It is a Turkish public university located in the city of Mugla. It was established in 1992. The costs of studying in the Turkish language are about 30,000 Turkish liras, and the cost of studying in English is 42.000 Turkish liras.

_ Beykent Private University: Beykent University is located in Istanbul. It was established in 1997. The cost of studying there is about 16,500 dollars. It is taught in both Turkish and English.

Koç Private University: Koç University is located in Istanbul. It was established in 1993, and it became one of the leading universities in Turkey in 2013. The cost of studying medicine in English and Turkish is about $26,500 per academic year.

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