Prices of private universities in Turkey in English and Turkish 2024

In the following table, we explain the fees and prices of private universities in Turkey, bearing in mind that the mentioned tuition fees do not include medical specialties.

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the Universitypricesthe language
Beykoz University1950$Turkish
Uskudar University3000$English
Yeni Yuzel University3450$English
TED University7000$English
Sabah Al-Din Zaim University33750 TLEnglish
Bilgi University5800$English
Istanbul Ariel University2950$English
Ostim University2000$English
Izmir Economic University8000$English
Atlas University3150$English
Istanbul Galata University3500$English
ozijin university7200$English
Esenyurt University2750$English
Atilim University9800$English

Study prices in Turkey’s private universities – Beykoz University

The annual tuition fee at Beykoz University in Istanbul is $2488 for most majors if you study in English.

And $ 1900 for most majors. The tuition fee at Beykoz University is if you study in the Turkish language.

Universities in Turkey and their prices
Prices of private universities in Turkey

Costs of private universities in Turkey – Uskudar University

The tuition fee at Uskudar Private University in Istanbul is $3,000 for most non-medical specialties, in English.

As for the tuition fee at Istanbul Kultur University, $4,930.

Tuition fees at Okan University

Study medicine at Istanbul Okan University with annual fees of 20000 dollars, and for other engineering and administrative disciplines, the annual fees are 4800 dollars.

As for the fees for studying dentistry at Okan University in Istanbul in English, $18,500.

And Okan University fees for the rest of the majors in English are 4800$.

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Gelisim University and its tuition fees

Tuition fees at Gelisim University in Istanbul for non-medical majors are $3,750 if you study in English, and $3,500 in Turkish.How much is the Gulf University fees in Turkey?

3500 dollars for all majors in English is the fees of the Gulf University in IstanbulStudy fees at Esenyurt University in Istanbul?

2800$ for all majors, and 2000$ in Turkish is the fees of Esenyurt UniversityAtilim University fees in Ankara?

Atilim University is one of the most powerful universities in Turkey, and tuition fees are 9800 dollars for non-medical specialties.

Tuition fees in Turkey at Altinbas University

$ 4 thousand for most of the engineering and administrative disciplines in it – and for more information: Altin Bash University, its specializations and tuition fees .

Prices of private universities in Turkey

Tuition fees at Ankara Bilem University

The tuition fee at Ankara Belem University is $6000.